Participants (teams, judges and officials) can register for the competitions through their NAC (National Airsport Control organisations) only.


National Airsport Commissions (NAC)

Registration Forms

These three files plus 1st Bulletin are available as ZIP archive in section Downloads too.

Preliminary Entry Form EPC-WC 2011
Date: january,23 2011
Preliminary Entry Form EPC-WC 2011.xls
Microsoft Excel Table 205.5 KB
Official Entry Form EPC-WC 2011
Date: january,23 2011
Official Entry Form EPC-WC 2011.xls
Microsoft Excel Table 271.0 KB
Attachment Official Entry Form EPC-WC 2011
Date: may,5 2011
Attachment official entry form EPC-WC 20
Microsoft Excel Table 221.5 KB

Entry Fees

incl. 90,- € FAI sanction fee, re. SC5, 4.1.3 and Official Entry Form


Full Board Option

Formation Skydiving (per person):

One event (4-way or 8-way) 900,- €
Two events (4-way and 8-way) 1200,- €
4-way VFS 850,- €


Artistic Events (per person):

One event 800,- €
Two events 950,- €


Others (per person):

Delegation members
not or only alternating in parachuting activities
550,- €

Non-sanction fee paying (accompanying) persons at the event

450,- €


Entry fees cover:

  • for all competitors: competition jumps including one official training jump, re-jumps and tie break jumps
  • six times lunch (starting on 1st Aug. 2011) at competition site
  • six times dinner (starting on 1st Aug.2011, closing banquet on august, 6 2011
  • six times accommodation (starting on Monday, 1st Aug.2011) in *** - Hotel (rooms with double occupancy!) incl. six times breakfast. Single bed rooms upon request and availability will cost an additional fee of € 20,- (per person and night!!)
  • transportation from hotel to competition site if needed


Option 2 with Self-Booking

If a team wishes to arrange accommodation, transportation and meals (except lunch at competition site) by themselves, than 300,- € per participant is deducted from the “full board”-option.


Address of local tourist agency for hotel reservations: