• The use of an AAD is highly recommended for jumping at dropzone Saarlouis.
  • Main parachute must be open at 700 m AGL (= 2.300 ft)
  • Use of head protection is mandatory
  • Reserve parachutes must be packed according to the technical manual for the specific parachute and according to the rules of the home country of each competitor. Reserve repack must not exceed 365 days on the last day of the competition.


Compliance with these conditions is in the responsibility of Head of Delegation, who will confirm this by signing a statutory declaration at registration.

A valid FAI Sporting Licence 2011 must be provided by each competitor, videographer and alternate.



Liability insurance, covering Competitors, Officials, Judges etc. will be arranged by the Organizer.


It is strongly recommended, that all members of a delegation have an insurance to cover for medical expenses and repatriation in the case of injury, and also have a third party liability insurance with coverage for situations not covered by SC 5, 4.5.3 (2). If necessary, the Organizer can assist in this matter. In case of problems please contact the organizer.

The immediate medical First Aid to the participants is in the responsibility of the Organizer during the competition, including the official training days.

Important: Any damage to the hotels etc. is in the responsibility of the persons/delegations involved. Personal items and equipment are under participant’s responsibility.