EPC/WC 2011 - Competition Day #4 Afternoon

18:55 CEST - After a long weather hold because of rain and low clouds, the turbines are screaming again - or is it soundcheck from the rock band tonight? Calls are given for 4-Way FS Open and 8-Way FS. 8-Way FS comes first...


20:00 CEST - New German National Record (video)


Germany EADS has set a new German record in 8-Way Formation Skydiving:
Team: Alexander Hau (camera), Thomas Spielvogel, Dieter Schwarz, Göran Meyer,
Jörn Thiele, Max Thiele, Olaf Biedermann, Henning Stumpp, Markus Bastuck
Saarlouis / Germany


22 Formations

Ehemaliger Deutscher Rekord im Fallschirmspringen
G-2-c3 Freifallformationsspringen / Längste 8er Sequenz (50 sec)
Team EADS mit Olaf Biedermann, Dr. Jens Gönnemann, Dr. Jörn Thiele, Max Thiele, Dieter
Schwarz, Göran Meyer, Thomas Spielvogel, Markus Bastuck, und Video: Alexander Hau
Stupino / Moskau
6.-10. August 2008
21 Formationen


The meet will not finish today, but tomorrow. And the take off is scheduled for 9:00 CEST. Weather forecast is better than today.