EPC/WC 2011 - Finals!

14:00 CEST - The Finals are running in Artistic Events Freefly, Freestyle and 4-Way Formation Skydiving Female. In all these events french teams are in leading position. Allez Les Bleus!


15:00 CEST - France Aerodyne DeepBlue Defenders have won the 4-Way FS Female Events! Second is Russia Illusions and third place is Norway Polaris.


15:20 CEST - France 1 Akrostyle is first in Artistic Events Freestyle. France 2 Solaris is second and United Kingdom Airkix Freestyle is third. 


In 4-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving France 4SpeedParaclete won first place, second is France Espoir Fullpatate and third is Belgium Supersonic. Fourth place is Germany Acro Amigoz.


16:05 CEST - France 1 Kristal have won Artistic Events FreeflyNorway 42 Freefly is second and Russia Tunnel Rats are third.