EPC/WC 2011 - Competition Day #3

It looks that we have a nice busy day...

After yesterdays rain the organizer hired a weather expert tonight. She is already working since 9:00 CEST, but it takes some time to make the sun shine again :-)


Attention 4-Way FS competitors:  

TWO DO28 will be used this morning.


Weather girl is dancing happily in sunshine!

12:40 CEST - Round 5 finished in 4-Way FS Open & Female.

13:30 CEST - Round 6 finished in 4-Way FS Female

14:00 CEST - Large clouds come in, all calls are canceled now


Attention! Attention! All competitors! Weather girl needs help badly! Prepare yourself for a sun dance this evening after the MAGIC SKYDIVE SHOW at the party!


15:00 CEST - SUNSHINE!!! Calls are given

17:30 CEST - Round 6 4-Way FS Open finished, round 7 4-Way FS Female too

18:00 CEST - Round 6 4-Way VFS finished

18:30 CEST - Round 4 8-Way FS finished


Tomorrow: Start is scheduled at 9:00 CEST


Video upload to FSVSaareV Youtube channel is in progress over night... ~4 minutes per video


Good Night!