EPC/WC 2011 - 1st Competition Day

Good Morning everyone @ 7:45 am!!!


First a correction for 8-way draw round : 21 – A – F – 10

There was a typo during transfer of hand-written minutes to internet news.

In the 4-way FS draw is also a typo (6/G), see the Results page.

8:55 am the first results from 4-way FS Open are online: Sweden Bardagi 15 pts.


Please follow the Youtube channel of FSVSaareV for competition videos. Bandwidth for video upload is limited, therefore the quality is reduced.


Meanwhile there was a first (and hopefully last) power breakdown because an extension block failed. Internet score update and video wall restart have to wait until the FS judges finish round #2 and have a break.


17:30-19:00 CEST was the Official Opening Ceremony downtown Saarlouis. The Officials, Judges and Competitors nation by nation walked as parade on the central meeting place in Saarlouis. A huge crowd of visitors gave applause and a welcome. First officials from the country, town and military (support for tents and first aid) held short speeches, then Graeme opened officially the competitions. Skydivers highlight was a accuracy jumg by two GSG 9 special forces onto the meeting place in from of the spectators and the athletes.


Back on the DZ and after a nice dinner, there is still something to do... judging last jumps being judged and uploading videos. The start tomorrows will be at 9:00 CEST. CU!